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Photo of Michael Pennington
Michael Pennington Pennington Lawn & Landscape
Phone: 225-761-0008
Photo of Forest Pitre
Forest Pitre Retired Member
Phone: 225-445-1648
Evan Raymond Farm Bureau
Phone: 225-766-6565
Photo of Derek Richard
Derek Richard Champion City Heating and Air
Cell Phone: 225-678-1504
Photo of Shawn Robinson
Shawn Robinson Delta Pest Services
Phone: 225-450-6730Cell Phone: 225-939-9343
Photo of Rock Rockenbaugh
Rock Rockenbaugh Kean’s Fine Dry Cleaning
Phone: 225-927-8652
Photo of Dr. Landon Roussel
Dr. Landon Roussel Communitas Primary Care
Phone: 225-283-4457
Robert Ruffino Sherwood TV & Appliances
Phone: 225-275-6900
Don Simoneaux Gerry Lane Chevrolet
Phone: 225-964-4893
Cell Phone: 504-400-0540
Photo of Matthew Stirling
Matthew Stirling Gate R Open N Garage Lock
Phone: 225-573-0492
Photo of Patricia Brignac Talbot
Patricia Brignac Talbot BRDP- Baton Rouge Digital Products
Phone: 225-291-5190
Photo of Carlos Turner
Carlos Turner Inkit! Promotions
Phone: 225-379-7668
Photo of Raul Urdiales
Raul Urdiales El Rio Grande
Phone: 225-926-1348
Photo of Dennis Vidrine
Dennis Vidrine BancorpSouth Insurance Services (Wright & Percy)
Phone: 225-336-3200
Photo of Jerry Watts
Jerry Watts Watts Didier Architects, LLC
Phone: 225-927-4576Cell Phone: 225-205-5050
Photo of Robert Wendt
Robert Wendt Know Hurry Construction
Phone: 225-955-0246
Photo of Greg Wood
Greg Wood Gage Telephone Systems
Phone: 225-753-4243


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