History of BABR

Business Associates of Baton Rouge (BABR) was started in December, 1980 by a small group of individuals who realized the importance of sharing ideas, business practices and sales opportunities with other professionals from various businesses. Long before the term "networking" gained its popularity, BABR members understood that by meeting on a regular basis and doing business with other organizations within the club, their own businesses could flourish as a result.

Currently, there are approximately 60 members in BABR, with occupations ranging from insurance to interior decorating, from landscaping to law. Over 40% of the current members have been with BABR for over 10 years. Nearly 15% of the members joined BABR over 15 years ago.

While maintaining a high degree of professionalism and structure, the BABR weekly meetings provide a relaxed, friendly atmosphere where sustained business relationships, as well as friendships, are formed. Please visit our Meetings page to find out more details regarding our weekly meetings.